• 04 Nov 2023
  • Palo Alto, CA

A Circle of Educators: Transformative Teaching

Join this daylong active workshops to revitalize your practice and reawaken your Teaching Heart.

Give yourself the gifts of reflection, renewal, and revitalization. Leave with awareness and remembrance of the spark that led you into education, a recognition of the gifts you have to offer, and a commitment to honoring yourself and your relationships in this complex, wonderful, and rewarding vocation.


A group of seasoned educators from three of our partner organizations have collaborated to bring about this event, calling attention to the three fundamental realities of education:

•the self you bring to your students,
•the relationships you cultivate in your school,
•and the content you offer in the classroom.

Come to the circle!
Together we will experience:

Teaching is a human endeavor that cannot be reduced to a set of methods, competencies, or standards. Real teaching involves building and maintaining trustworthy relationships, starting with the relationship of the teacher to themselves.

Join us for an introductory Courage to Teach® experience, where we will explore the inner landscape of the educator, using the principles and practices of a Circle of Trust®.  The Courage & Renewal approach is based on the work of Parker J. Palmer, as described in his book A Hidden Wholeness and focuses on cultivating our inner capacity to live a more authentic, meaningful, and engaged life.

You will be invited to:

♦Honor the unique gifts you bring to your work and your life
♦Recognize those who have influenced you on your journey
♦Celebrate the moments of joy you experience in teaching

As you renew your inner voice and passion for teaching, it is vital to turn our energies toward classroom and school culture, as our schools are filled with young people yearning to explore and discover their own voices. Through the Awakening Wisdom approach to social and emotional learning, we uncover the power of the implicit curriculum in the very fabric of life that surrounds us — everything we think, say, and do.

Learn specific practices you can take back to your classroom to re-awaken the power of relationships among adults and students. We will explore how to share power with others, spark the creativity of both teachers and students, and cultivate positive mindsets throughout the school environment. This kind of transformative change will allow you to be the role model you desire to be – for yourself, your students, and your colleagues.

Is math class a competitive struggle for the quickest right answer? Is science an encyclopedic recitation of other people’s discoveries? Are history and literature the arcane studies of what someone else decided was important? Your approach to subject matter conveys a belief about the teacher, the learner, and the importance of what should be learned. No amount of positive encouragement or “social-emotional dialogue” can change the attitudes in a school if the content of school continues to alienate, divide, and bore the students.

This workshop will help you re-imagine your curriculum through the lens of transformative teaching. Drawing examples from the integrated, project-based learning of Tru School as well as your own experience of the classroom, you can open a gateway to the rich, memorable lessons that will stay with students forever.


Your Facilitators:
Teri O’Donnell, a Courage and Renewal facilitator will be joined by:
Andy Mughannam whose 30 year experience in teaching has brought him to a focus on bringing people together to work toward the common goal of cultivating responsible, engaged, compassionate, happy kids. Adults too!

Julia Timpson M.A. who co-founded Trū School, where she continues to practice transformative education along side her students and teachers.

Theodore Timpson M.A. who as the founding Head of School at Trū, specializes in original approaches to teaching that create a natural connection between student and subject.

Tru School
1295 Middlefield Road
Palo Alto, CA 94301
United States

Learning at Tru

Transformative learning changes the experience of school. Every moment becomes an opportunity.
Instead of fragmented and disconnected classes, we explore unified themes and projects. Each day unfolds like a story.

Social-emotional learning becomes an embedded practice of the school, with relationships at the center.

Real life situations become the textbook. Role playing games become the field of inquiry.

Through this journey of transformation, children lead deeper, richer, more meaningful lives.


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