• 05 - 08 Nov 2023
  • Union, WA, USA

Exploring the Paradox of Fall: A Retreat for Facilitators

You are invited to gather in retreat with other facilitators at the beautiful Pacific Northwest St. Andrew’s House Retreat Center in Union, WA. Together we will share what is alive in our individual and collective work as facilitators, and find renewal in the light, spirit and generosity of our facilitator community.

The fall season invites us to balance the waning light and energy of summer with the darker quiet of winter. We invite you to gather in retreat with other facilitators to explore what is emerging for each of us as we strive for balance.

Together, we will immerse ourselves in the wisdom and metaphors of nature and the fall season, talk over what is alive in our individual and collective work as facilitators and gather courage to engage the challenges ahead. In the last few years we have held space for others on virtual platforms and in live spaces. In this retreat community we’ll have the opportunity to pause and share our ideas with other facilitators. Join us for a time of renewal in the light, spirit and generosity of our facilitator community.

This retreat is open to all fully prepared Courage & Renewal facilitators and to all who facilitate Circles of Trust® or use Courage &Renewal principles & practices in their facilitation. Participants in this retreat will:

• Access natural spaces for deep reflection and imagination.
• Engage in artistic expression and other contemplative practices to envision and embody the wholeness of a future we long to call home.
• Build a trustworthy space for telling our truths and listening to the truths of others while exploring our inner sources of leadership.
• Share our facilitation practices, delights and challenges.
• Enjoy generous and delightful time with other kindred spirits!

Come sit at the circle’s edge and hold
My questions with a gentle heart
Breathe slow like the seasons
Faithful in your trust that
Our answers are here
Waiting for the honest light
From the widening window

Of a right question.

Excerpt from The Circle’s Edge by Dale Skaggs, January 2017

How do we hold space for humans struggling to thrive in this challenging time? What can we learn from the beauty of nature about love and repair?
Author Heather Plett (The Art of Holding Space) says, “Holding space is not passive. It is active pacifism.” How do we take care of ourselves and hold space for ourselves so we can better hold space for others? What are practices that can support our leadership commitments? Join us to explore these and the “right questions” of others!

Our group will be about 15 participants.


St. Andrew’s House Retreat Center, 7550 E. State Route 106, Union, WA 98592

St. Andrew’s House is situated among towering fir and cedar, with views of the Hood Canal and the peaks of the Olympic Mountains. It is a beautiful place to connect with the land and listen to the wisdom of the Earth, and its elegant log cabin style provides a warm and nurturing retreat setting.

Early bird rate, before June 30: $650 for three nights, double occupancy.
Regular rate, after June 30: $800 for three nights, double occupancy.

A limited number of single rooms are available for an additional $150.

There will be a $25 processing fee for cancellation on or before October 1. After this date we are not able to provide refunds.


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