Center for Courage & Renewal Brand Kit

We hope this kit serves as a useful resource that gives you the tools and information you need to uphold the Center for Courage & Renewal brand with consistency and integrity.

As the Center for Courage & Renewal (“CCR”) lives into its mission and supports your efforts in bringing our approach to the people and communities you care about, we have developed this kit for members of the Facilitator Collaboration to offer continued unity and clarity around how we communicate about our work.

Unified language and visuals lend credibility to all of our retreats and programs, and this kit is here to help you strengthen your association with CCR in ways that we hope you find beneficial. Likewise, the reputation of the Center for Courage & Renewal as a whole is reinforced when our language and visuals are consistent and easily recognizable.

If you have any questions about the usage of anything in this kit, please don’t hesitate to contact Taylor Culliver at