Reply To: Public Group-Aging with Courage & Wisdom

  • Nichelle Harrison

    April 22, 2023 at 1:19 pm

    Thank you all for the replies and for helping me think through this. The original thought process behind having a separate SOA group was because it has a set curriculum that is maintained, updated and offered as an Alumni Institute through CCR. The platform is set up so that programs with curriculums (practicum, foundations, SOA) are all “Subgroups” located in the private “Practitioners Learning Community”. These are meant to be groups of continued learning and community with others who have gone through specific curriculum.

    How has Aging with Courage and Wisdom been done or used in the past? Is it similar to say..a Courage to Lead or Courage to Teach?? Where Facilitators use the basic concepts and build their own offerings around it? If that is the case, I think we can keep the title of ACW and make that the open group that folks who are interested in the broad topic of aging can join. What say you friends???