25th Anniversary Registration Confirmation

Thanks for registering for our 25th Anniversary Celebration with Parker Palmer!

You should receive confirmation of your registration at the email address provided. We’ll be sending further updates about how to join the Zoom room in advance of the event.

See below for more information about helping us commemorate this occasion by sharing your Courage & Renewal story of impact in a self-recorded video.

An Invitation to Share Your Courage & Renewal Story

As we pave the way for our exciting journey ahead, we’re collecting self-recorded video stories from those in our community who have been impacted by our work.

For 25 years, the Center for Courage & Renewal has helped people nurture deep integrity and relational trust, building the foundation for a more loving, equitable, and healthy world. Whether you’re a Courage & Renewal Facilitator, a former participant in a Circle of Trust retreat, or you’ve simply found ways to bring aspects of the Courage & Renewal approach into your own life and work, you have played a vital role in the broader Courage & Renewal story, and we want to hear from you in a self-recorded video.

Here are a few helpful tips before you get started:

  • Have fun! Speak authentically and from the heart. There are no right answers, and no pressure at all.
  • Put your face front and center, and find your light! Record by a window or anywhere else that you have great lighting.
  • Speak clearly and loudly! Try to make sure you’re recording during a time that you won’t be interrupted, and minimize any background noise so that you get the best audio possible.
  • If recording from a phone, try to keep the phone in a stable position to reduce shakiness.
  • For each question, you’ll have up to 10 minutes to record. You can answer as many of the four questions as you’d like. Once you’re done recording each video you’ll have the opportunity to play it back for your own review.