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Coming soon: As we near the close of 2022, we look forward to welcoming anyone to become a member of the Center for Courage & Renewal. As a member you’ll have the opportunity to deepen your practice alongside others in our community, connect with local members in your area, self-organize around different topics or interests, and get inspired by others who are bringing our approach into their lives, work, and communities.

Nurturing Belonging

We strive to create an accessible and inclusive community for anyone yearning to become more authentic and whole.

In the words of Parker Palmer, “If we are willing to embrace the challenge of becoming whole, we can’t do it alone. We all need other people to invite, amplify, and help us listen to our inner teacher. We all need trustworthy relationships — tenacious communities of support — if we hope to sustain the journey towards wholeness.”

For 25 years, the Center for Courage & Renewal has helped foster the kinds of supportive communities that play an integral role in helping people keep showing up for themselves and the people and causes they care about.

The Courage & Renewal community is made up of millions of people around the world who have been inspired by the Courage & Renewal approach and are finding meaningful ways to bring it into their lives and work. We think of them as practitioners–people who are practicing ways of being with themselves and others that bring healing, hope, and the power to move toward personal and societal wholeness.

Whether they’ve encountered Parker Palmer’s teachings, participated in a Circle of Trust retreat or Courage & Renewal program, created their own reflective support groups rooted in our principles and practices, or simply tried to show up more fully for the people and causes they care about, each one is part of a movement to create a more loving, equitable, and healthy world.

By becoming a member of the Center for Courage & Renewal, you’ll be able to connect with and learn from these kindred spirits. You’ll also gain a greater appreciation of the collective journey we’re on as we move towards wholeness. Our hope is that we can help you find another “place” in this vast, complex world to call home.

Community doesn’t just create abundance – community is abundance. If we could learn that equation from the world of nature, the human world might be transformed.”

Parker Palmer

Spark Connections

Courage & Renewal Community Platform

The Courage & Renewal Community Platform will be the central online hub where members from around the world can come together to forge connections and participate in our global community of learning and practice.

On the platform you’ll have the opportunity to share your story, start discussions, pose questions, join self-organized groups, access resources, find local meetups, and cultivate life-giving relationships.


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