Discover what’s possible in communities that welcome the inner teacher

Courage & Renewal programs help people lead and act with courage on their true callings, develop trustworthy relationships, cultivate practices to sustain themselves and inspire others for the long haul, and give people valuable tools to help transform the institutions they serve.

Creating Trustworthy Space

Circle of Trust Retreats

Led by our skilled facilitators, Circle of Trust retreats offer participants the most immersive experience of the Courage & Renewal approach. During retreats we co-create trustworthy space to do our own inner work in community with others. Circles of Trust help us listen to the wisdom of our inner teacher, honor each person’s identity and integrity, and renew our courageous spirit as we journey towards personal and societal wholeness.

Courage & Renewal

core offerings

Foundations of the
Courage & Renewal Approach

Participants in this online program will learn how the values, principles, and practices of the Courage & Renewal® approach, taken together, create trustworthy spaces to explore questions of meaning, purpose, and how to live authentically with integrity and courage.

Courage &
Renewal Practicum

Participants in this program will strengthen their understanding of the Courage & Renewal approach, deepen the integration of our principles and practices in their own lives, and equip themselves with the skills to bring aspects of our approach into their communities and/or workplaces.

Preparation Program

Participants in this program are rigorously prepared and equipped to lead immersive Circle of Trust® retreats and other programs rooted in the Courage & Renewal approach. Facilitators serve as representatives of our organization and are invited to become active members in the global learning community we call the Facilitator Collaboration.