Transforming Institutions

Our approach helps people meaningfully transform their organizations from the inside out

While the efforts needed to reform institutions toward their life-giving purposes are many and varied, they all depend on people who can bring themselves to their work within those institutions with integrity, courage, and a depth of relational trust that makes meaningful transformation possible. Through the resources of the Courage & Renewal approach, we help strengthen your capacity to show up in your relationships, workplaces, communities, and ecosystems rooted in your own integrity and with a deep bow to human dignity, inspire hope in those around you, and foster the relational trust and stamina we all need to transform institutions from the inside out.

Good work is done with heart as well as knowledge and skill, done with a depth of commitment that brings integrity and courage to the workplace. But workplace culture can make it risky to reveal our hearts. So we hide them – and sometimes lose them. By supporting teachers, medical professionals, clergy and others who want to reclaim their hearts, we bring new life to them, their work, and the people they serve.”

Parker J. Palmer

Partner With Us

We partner with organizations to help build capacity for trustworthy relationships and courageous leadership

The Center for Courage & Renewal and our network of Courage & Renewal Facilitators work alongside and within institutions across a variety of sectors and missions—education, healthcare, democracy, religion and spirituality, human services, business and nonprofits, and many others—because we know the hard work of building a more loving, equitable, and healthy world can’t be done alone.

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If we are to overcome the daunting challenges of our time, we need more conscious and purposeful organizations committed to nurturing relational trust and honoring the dignity of every human being—and we need more people in those organizations committed to doing the inner work necessary to carry out their life’s work with self-awareness and integrity.

The time-tested principles and practices of the Courage & Renewal approach have been applied in team settings to help transform uninspired organizational cultures into life-giving cultures rooted in authenticity, community, and trustworthy relationships. Below are just some of the ways we’ve worked with organizations in the past, but if what you’re looking for isn’t listed we’d still love to start a conversation.

Customized Programs and Retreats

We create custom programs that help institutional and community leaders from diverse professions—education, healthcare, business, nonprofit, human services, social justice activism, and religious life— develop practices that support courageous leadership and organizational transformation.

Connection to Our Network of Facilitators

Many of our Courage & Renewal facilitators bring years of experience and honed skills in coaching to help individuals or teams foster the kind of leadership and teamwork necessary to fulfill your organization’s mission. We can help your organization identify facilitators that meet your needs.

Keynote Speeches and Presentations

Invite a representative from CCR to speak at your next event. We’ll share stories of the positive impacts our approach has had in people’s lives and inspire your audience to nurture the deep integrity and relational trust necessary to make their organizations – and the world – more loving, equitable, and healthy.

Content, Curriculums, and Resources

Over more than 25 years, we’ve built an (admittedly overwhelming) treasure trove of valuable resources. If you’re interested in using our content or resources to supplement the work your organization is doing but don’t quite know where to start, we can help point you in the right direction.


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