Foundations of the Courage & Renewal Approach

In this online program, learn how the values, principles, and practices of the Courage & Renewal® approach, taken together, create trustworthy spaces to explore questions of meaning, purpose, and how to live authentically with integrity and courage.

The Courage & Renewal approach is premised on the notion that every person has access to an inner source of truth, named in various wisdom traditions as identity, true self, heart, spirit, or soul. This inner teacher is a source of guidance and strength that helps us find our way through life’s complexities and challenges. Gatherings informed by the Courage & Renewal approach give people a chance to listen to this source, learn from it, and discover its imperatives for their work and their lives.

This approach is distinguished by principles and practices intended to create a process of shared exploration—in retreats, programs and other settings—where people can find trustworthy space to nurture deep integrity and relational trust on which our lives depend. These principles and practices are grounded in CCR’s core values which spell out the foundational beliefs and intended purposes for our work with individuals, groups and organizations.

Program Structure & Content

Over the course of five 2-hour online sessions, participants will examine the foundations of the Courage & Renewal approach through short presentations, opportunities for individual reflection, small group sharing, and large group conversations.

Content will include an exploration of:

  • The reality of inner wisdom and the creation of the type of community that supports members access to their inner wisdom;
  • The core values, principles and practices that guide the Courage & Renewal approach;
  • The Touchstones that create trustworthy communities;
  • The use of the foundations in personal and professional life

This program is open to anyone with an interest in the Courage & Renewal approach and serves as a prerequisite for the Courage & Renewal Practicum and the Courage & Renewal Facilitator Preparation Program. Applications for the Courage & Renewal Practicum will be available to those who are interested upon completion of the Foundations Program.


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