Courage & Renewal Mentor Information Form

Understanding Your Commitment As A Mentor

The relationship between FPP Apprentices (facilitators in preparation) and their mentors is key to sustaining the integrity and future of the Courage & Renewal approach and creating the trustworthy space we offer to participants in our programs. 

This relationship is founded on a shared love and commitment to this work, its Core Values and the Principles & Practices. The time of apprenticeship is a key component in discerning successful completion of the Facilitator Preparation Program (FPP) and meeting its core competencies, in order to take this work into the world as a Courage & Renewal facilitator, and member of the Collaboration.

As is true of any authentic learning journey, the mentor-apprentice relationship is a reciprocal one, full of promise, surprises and challenges. We are so glad to know that you’re willing to be considered for a mentor match for Cohort 26. As part of the pairing process, we’d appreciate you taking some time to respond to the questions listed below.

Please submit this form by August 25, 2023 to be considered for the pairing process.

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Mentoring Relationship

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Important Dates

Please take note of the important dates listed below:
– One-on-One with Mentor: Roughly once a month, to be determined by you and your apprentice
– Mentor meetings w/Kirstin: Quarterly (or as needed) for a mini-learning session, a check-in on how things are going.
– Mentor Clusters: Every other month, 90 minutes, with 3-5 mentor-apprentice pairs. Start date, early Dec. 2023.
– Apprentice Practice Sessions: April 26-27, 2024 (as part of mentor cluster gathering)

Additional Information

Please use the space below to provide any additional information you think we should know.