Facilitator Preparation Program Application

Apply for the Courage & Renewal Facilitator Preparation Program

The Courage & Renewal Facilitator Preparation Program is an 18-month leadership and apprenticeship program for carefully preparing and equipping facilitators to lead Circle of Trust® retreats and other programs rooted in the Courage & Renewal® approach. Courage & Renewal Facilitators have unique capacities and skills, and are passionate about bringing this approach into the world by creating retreats that offer trustworthy space for people to engage their own deep wisdom in a community of shared exploration.

To apply, please answer each of the questions below thoroughly. There is also information below about how to have your two signed letters of reference sent to us that speak to personal qualities and professional experiences that relate specifically to your capacity to become a Courage & Renewal Facilitator.

This is a universal application for all Facilitator Preparation Programs we’re currently offering. Please reference the specific program calendar page that you’re applying for to ensure you’re aware of program dates and times, tuition fees, the application deadline, and any other relevant information.