Dawn Montgomery

Courage & Renewal Facilitator
Speaks English

Dawn is a change facilitator and insightful thought partner. She supports leaders from

a wide variety of fields, including educators, non-profit executives, and community

administrators as they find their way in challenging times. Assisting humans in their

discovery and reconnection to their deepest longings has been a passion for many years.

Her commitment to environmental and human health and healing resonates throughout

her coaching practice and team facilitation. She believes transformation is born when

a circle of humans sit together to listen, to speak their deepest truths and to share

their wildest imaginations for change. She is expert at holding space for both individual

leaders and teams as an executive coach, conflict mediator, equity-focused professional

developer and a certified Courage and Renewal facilitator. She is committed to making a

difference in the lives of individuals and their communities.

Organizations I've Worked With

Lewis & Clark College