Deborah is a Chartered Psychologist by background; working in organisations she has coached, consulted, mentored, facilitated, supervised and lead for over 30 years.

In truth she is just interested in people – their stories, who they are, how they became themselves, their paths, callings, gifts and the potential they carry and how the contexts around them have influenced this. Her professional life has been about helping others explore this for themselves and meet the challenges and questions they hold as they move towards greater self-understanding, authenticity and deepen their sense of purpose and meaning to move more freely into making their contribution in the world. Her work with Systemic Constellations has provided embodied ways of helping others bring to light and untangle the unseen patterns in their systems, past and present, to help them find more flow and ease in their lives. As a facilitator in preparation she is following her desire to hold deep nourishing space in which people can reconnect with and follow their own thread in service of their own fulfillment and the greater whole.

Deborah enjoys walking in the woods, yoga and swimming, cooking for and generally hanging out with those she loves.

Particular areas of interest –
Developing leadership that serves the whole – supporting & growing young leaders and claiming and honouring Eldership
The place and face of the feminine in our lives
The heart as compass
Nature, the land and reconnecting to source

*Currently in Facilitator Preparation