Haqiqa Bolling

Courage & Renewal Facilitator
Speaks English

After 25 years as a professional school counselor, serving the middle school in my neighborhood, I am retired and finding new ways to serve. During my time as a public school educator I presented faculty and staff, students and parents the skills of conflict resolution, mediation, and mindfulness along with a myriad of topics to support positive mental health outcomes.  Currently I am facilitating Seeing Whiteness for Anti-Racist Action circles, using a curriculum developed to help white people awaken to our blinders and our opportunities to acknowledge and change a racist culture into one valuing human dignity and connection. Along with serving on the boards of three non-profits in my community, I serve on the Better Together advisory board for the City of Decatur whose mission is to guide and advise the Commission and the community around issues of equity, inclusion, and engagement. 

I am also enjoying being grandma, singing in a community choir, proprioceptive writing with friends, walking in nature, and sitting on my back porch communing with trees and bird friends.

As a long time Courage and Renewal  facilitator I continue to marvel at the transformative power of Circle of Trust Retreats and look forward to offering more.