Kim Stokely

Courage & Renewal Facilitator
Speaks English

How would I describe Kim? She is intuitive, fun, thoughtful, a good listener, friendly, a visionary, a leader, Kim has multiple passions that interconnect to create a rich life full of deep connection to people, nature, and creativity.

Kim sees her purpose at this point in her life as cultivating connections: with our true, unique self; with each other; with the earth; and with the unseen world.

Her muse includes non-profit and social sector leader and individual coaching. She brings to her work attention to the inner life as the ground for authentic, courageous, and affirmative living; and a focus on building trustworthy relationships as core to creating and sustaining robust cultures.

Kim supports people in rediscovering their true, unique self and then supports them as they align with their purpose and passion and learn to live from a place of wholeness. People in transition of all kinds are especially drawn to her coaching work, including career, college-career, staff, role, job, and life-cycle transitions. For a full bio visit