Nerida Murray

Courage & Renewal Facilitator
Speaks English

Nerida Murray (B.Ed.,Dip.T.) has been a secondary school teacher with Education Queensland (the public school system) for 37 years. For 28 of those years she held leadership positions right around the state (mainly as a Head of Department). In 2006 Nerida came across a book highlighting the work Parker Palmer had been doing in the United States with public school teachers. She was excited by the fact that this was the first time she’d seen teachers attending professional development weekends where they were encouraged to be authentically themselves – not just at the retreat, but in their classrooms. In 2008 Nerida attended the first Courage to Teach® Retreat held in Australia at Canberra. Her experience at his weekend as well as other retreats she attended reaffirmed for Nerida the importance of nurturing one’s inner life in order to be fully present when participating in the role/s which fill one’s outer life. She is now keen to provide opportunities for teachers and leaders to reconnect who they are with what they do.