Noela Maletz

Courage & Renewal Facilitator
Speaks English

Noela Maletz (M Soc Sc BA Dip Ed) is an educator, psychotherapist and visual artist who also loves to write. More than thirty years ago she worked with others to establish a Waldorf School and then a Social Therapy Centre for people with disabilities, in Adelaide, and worked in both of these places. Most of her current work is in private practice, as a psychotherapist, and in growing Courage & Renewal work in South Australia and Australasia. She remains connected to Waldorf Education through working with teachers in schools in India and Thailand which is a privilege and a joy. She is awed by nature, beauty and the possibilities and necessities of a life lived as mindfully, wholeheartedly and as kindly as she can manage.

Favorite quote

May I speak to you Like we are close And locked away together?

Attributed to Hafiz

Book Recommendation

Verses and Meditations

Rudolf Steiner

Where I'm Finding Inspiration

I find inspiration in the lives and stories of others. In being in deserts, rivers, beaches and mountain ranges. In visiting art galleries and in beautiful architecture.

What I Do For Fun, Rest, and Renewal

Camping. Walking. Reading. Cooking

Organizations I've Worked With

Waldorf Schools: Mt Barker, Willunga, Panyotai, Yellow Train