Dr. Rona Zollinger, grew up under the snow-capped Rocky Mountains and later at the shores of the Pacific Ocean. It is a connection to place and community that has inspired her toward a career as an educational entrepreneur. For 25 years, she has integrated transformative learning, place-based education, career exploration and outdoor play into the lives of young people as a high school teacher, mentor, industry partnership developer, program director, and agent of change. Alongside her daily work in public education, Zollinger is also the co-founder of New Leaf Collaborative (a non-profit) where she directs the Empowering Educators program. This program is designed for educators to inspire innovative pedagogy that transforms teachers, students, and classrooms. Zollinger is also a Courage & Renewal Facilitator leading Courage to Teach® retreats and Leading Together programs for whole schools that focus on building adult relational trust.