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Courage & Renewal Facilitator
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Taylor Culliver is Director of Strategic Initiatives. Prior to joining the CCR staff, his career path has included experiences in brand strategy, marketing, media, and nonprofit entrepreneurship. He spent a number of years helping build conferences at Forbes, worked with startup founders to help grow their businesses through digital marketing, and served as an account executive and strategist to launch and grow brands at Brains on Fire. He also started his own nonprofit, Brother Box, to encourage Black boys to dream big and be themselves. Taylor strives to inspire people to live authentically and show up for one another with hope, grace, and love. He is a wine enthusiast, enjoys exploring new places, and calls the beach his happy place as he listens to the waves and curls up with a book. He and his wife live in South Carolina.

I need to test to see if this is working in terms of making the update before my call with Mary Kaye.

Let\’s see if this actually saves.

Favorite quote

"You have to act as if it were possible to radically transform the world. And you have to do it all the time."

Angela Davis

Book Recommendation

The Five People You Meet in Heaven

Mitch Albom

Where I'm Finding Inspiration

These days I\'m finding most of my inspiration laying awake in the middle of night racking my brain with all the ideas I have. I often enjoy working and reflecting late at night because it\'s when the world around me feels most still. I also find lots of inspiration on the family walks I take through my neighborhood in the evenings after a long day.

What I Do For Fun, Rest, and Renewal

I\'m a wine enthusiast; my wife and I love traveling to new vineyards and learning new things. I love traveling to new and familiar destinations, soaking up different cultures and expanding my horizons. And I find renewal at the beach as I listen to the waves and curl up with a great book.

Organizations I've Worked With

Center for Courage & Renewal
Brother Box