FPP Apprentice-Mentor Considerations

Facilitator Preparation Program: Apprentice-Mentor Considerations Form

Throughout the Facilitator Preparation Program you will be spending a considerable amount of time with your mentor and developing a trustworthy and meaningful relationship with one another. It’s critically important to us that you’re matched with someone who can help create the most ideal learning environment for you and be a trusted partner throughout the entirety of the program.

Please fill out the form below to share your considerations with us. Your input will help us determine a preliminary mentor assignment.

Note: Given the wide geographic area that our FPP cohorts and the available mentors cover, it is likely that many of the mentoring relationships will be geographically distant. We will look for opportunities for face-to-face connections when possible.


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Considerations & Reflections on Mentoring Relationships

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This might include considerations about the specific audiences and/or settings that you imagine bringing Courage & Renewal to, among other things.