Learning Circles

Deepen Your Understanding of Fundamental Courage & Renewal Concepts

Courage & Renewal Learning Circles are online programs that invite participants to explore additional themes and concepts that support our approach. With these deeper insights you’ll gain practical tools and frameworks that will support your wholehearted engagement in your life’s work, and the personal, professional, and societal challenges you encounter.

Life on the Mobius Strip

Gain a deeper awareness of the exchanges between our inner and outer lives, how they shape us and the world around us, and the power we have to co-create our shared reality.

Standing and Acting in the Tragic Gap

Explore the ways we might develop greater capacity to hold the tension between the harsh realities of the world we live in and the better world we know is possible, while acting faithfully on the imperatives of our own souls.

The Five Habits of the Heart

Examine the key themes from Parker Palmer’s Healing the Heart of Democracy, diving deeper into what we can do in our everyday settings to help our communities and democracies thrive.

Seasons of Selfhood and Vocation

Consider the metaphor that our lives unfold in seasons and imagine how the paradoxes inherent in the cycles of the natural world can inform our awareness, learning, and growth.