Practicum Peer Learning Circles Availability

Courage & Renewal Practicum: Peer Learning Circles Availability

Following the Practicum retreat, we will hold two facilitated Peer Learning Circle calls (with 5-6 participants). Peer Learning Circles provide a community of practice to support participants in their ongoing learning goals. A PLC consists of 5-6 participants plus a facilitator (one of your program leaders).

Participants will come to each call with a “learning goal” – a question, action or issue around which they want to receive support (from the intentions that arose from the retreat or some other issue they want to take priority for a particular call). Our hope is that your experience in a Peer Learning Circle will allow you to think and reflect more deeply about what it’s been like to bring Courage & Renewal practices and values into your personal and/or professional life. PLCs offer space and time to dig into the practicality of what we focused on during the retreat. As you walk through this experience, it also serves as a useful guide for how you can apply this process moving forward with others, whether in this learning community or in other settings where you find it might be helpful.

Please fill out the information below to indicate your availability for these next steps. During the retreat you will have the opportunity to introduce yourself to your Peer Learning Circle and receive additional details about the format and what to expect.

If you run into any issues filling out the form please contact Taylor at


Peer Learning Circle Availability(Required)
Below we’ve listed all POTENTIAL time options for peer learning circles. Please check all of the options below that you could be available for these online gatherings. Please keep in mind the times listed below are in U.S. Eastern Time. Once we’ve collected all responses we will sync the availabilities in a way that provides everyone with two peer learning circle gatherings with a facilitator.