• 02 Feb - 20 Jun 2024
  • Boulder, CO

2024 Circle of Trust Cohort in the Colorado Front Range

A Pilgrimage of Soul in Community, A Multi-Generational Circle

What we offer in these circles is a dream of unique personal and communal ‘belonging’ to this physical land and human-time on Earth. Learning to live whole-heartedly as individuals within a culture that mostly hides behind its own shadow. We aspire to support each other in fully emerging as soulful beings-in-process, at every age and life-stage. To learn from and through “the Elder within”.

We each have the fiery birthright capacity to be elders-in-training to serve as channels of life energy on behalf of the greater village we live in.

We are in a constant process of connection and re-membering what has been lost from our ancestors and their traditions, weaving ‘here and now’ moments, creating a flow together, and trusting for more clarity how we are being called to offer that flow back into the world in this season of disintegration. Where our human systems are breaking down, we dream for new ways for sustainability as psycho-spiritual and embodied humanity – as living, loving, consciously-networking members of Mother Earth.

This series of four Thursday evening sessions and two weekend retreats explores issues of transition, vocation, passion and underlying life patterns in order to help us live in greater alignment with our values, reconnecting who we are with what we do. Using the rhythms of the seasons to guide us, we explore the wholeness of our lives, especially tracking how nature speaks as a soul teacher. We will offer poetry and prose, small and large group discussion, personal reflection, journaling, embodiment and mindfulness practices to foster renewal, courage, and trust as individuals and in community with the Front Range of Colorado bioregion. In a closing weekend camping retreat, immersed in the wild, we will offer clearness circles, a Quaker communal process for individual discernment.


Open to 16 participants of all ages who are willing to commit to adventure together in a deep soul dive.

  •  For those searching for clarity and courage to bring their true self into their personal and professional work and all their relationships.

  • For those individuals who seek conversation and engagement within a community group who actively care about spiritual practice, body/mind connection, and global awakening.

  • For those who are not afraid of their wildness and are hungry to experience more fully their ecological soul place in the world.

Thursday evening sessions in Boulder CO from 6.00 – 9.00 pm
February 2-3 2024: Winter Silence
February 22, 2024: Desert Places
March 28, 2024: Paradox of Spring
April 25, 2024: Spring Fire
May 17-19, 2024: Wild Soul Retreat at Horse Lodge, Highlands Camp in Allenspark
June 20, 2024: Relishing Summer Abundance

If you are curious about knowing more about this 2024 cohort program please consider attending a “taster’ Fall Circle of Trust at Silver Sage Village:

Thursdays, September 21, October 19, November 30, 2023

we will meet in various locations in or near Boulder, CO



REGISTRATION FEE OF $250 PLUS A FREE-WILL/DANA OFFERING in the spirit of the gift economy .

See website link https://eldersoul.org/2024-cot-cohort


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