• 16 Apr 2023
  • online

A Renewed Vision: Liberating Yourself from Confusion and Anxiety

Renew your vision and passion! Dan Hines and Bogey Boyd offer a guided online mini-retreat inviting you to breathe, meditate, recharge and reorient.

Responsible and caring. This is who you are.

You help others find their way. Yet you know something is not quite right within you.

You are on the path of growth and yet struggling with uncertainty.
This retreat is for you!

If you lack some clarity or direction, or that sacred spark and zest, then join us for this soulful space and time.
You’ll slow down, breathe, access trustworthy inner guidance, gain a renewed passion.
You will realize you have all you need when your true vision is rekindled.

Traditional ocean navigators rely on a sacred vision as they voyage through the storms and turbulent seas. The vision is more than just a mental picture. It is a sensed knowing: experienced in the movement of the boat and their own bodies. It is a groove you just know is true. As their bodies dance in the waves, they don’t seek the island. The island comes to them. They simply hold to the vision, as moving weather cells, darkness, doubts and anxiety distract them over the long distances of a voyage.

Perhaps you’re facing a tough choice and you need to talk with the navigator within you.
Maybe you are feeling stuck, confused or dissatisfied.

Do you need an eye in the storm?

Join experienced guides Dan and Bogey for this online experience: a mini-retreat.

We offer a guided process that invites you to breathe, recharge and reorient.

Register soon!

Participants in our experiences find inner peace and self-discovery: a deeper realization of who they are.
They also hear their authentic voice and activate courage to act.
They get unstuck.
Even in a storm, they access a navigator within, who knows where they are and where the next island is.

Breathe. Be.

Find your way.

Sense your vision.

Join Dan and Bogey on this voyage!

Pay what you can!

We want to offer this at a sliding scale, from $1 to whatever!
We know it has great value and want it to be accessible for everyone who is longing for a renewed vision and passion.


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