• 08 Jun 2024
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A Still Point: A Saturday Circle of Trust®

An in-person and online Circle of Trust®, exploring how we slow down amidst urgency and uncertainty.

“The times are urgent, let us slow down.” Báyò Akómoláfé


Slowing down in the face of urgency – it’s a pretty counter-intuitive notion, isn’t it? 

Don’t unsettled, uncertain and turbulent times call us to act, to respond?


And yet. 


Could slowing down lead us to deeper insight, clearer thought and new approaches to the challenges we  face? 

A Still Point: A Saturday Circle of Trust® invites us to step back, pause, and ponder what slowing down means, what it offers and how we might face the urgency of our times with less haste and greater intention. 

We’ll still the busyness inside and out, and seek a still point in our hearts and lives.

Images, texts and music will spark reflection and open fresh perspectives. There will be time for quiet reflection, small and large group conversation. Courage & Renewal Touchstones® will support a calm, confidential and protected space. This is an opportunity to focus on what matters most to you as you navigate urgency and slow down.


A Still Point is designed as a 2.5 hour hybrid retreat. Registrants can participate either in-person or online. 

We’ll bring the online and in-person settings together in a balanced and purposeful way. In-person, we’ll gather at the Centre for Social Innovation (Annex) in Toronto. Zoom will offer a gathering space for those attending online and allow for interactions among all participants. There will be private time away from the group and the screen for contemplation, rest and movement.


You could join us.

Photo above by Giordano Rossoni on Unsplash

The Centre for Social Innovation (Annex) is an accessible and welcoming venue, situated in downtown Toronto. CSI is close to public transit, bicycle and vehicle parking. A co-working and meeting space, CSI supports innovators and entrepreneurs putting people and planet first and  working toward the 17 Global Goals to improve the world.

For our online participants, Zoom will integrate online participants fully with those attending in-person. See below for additional information about a hybrid offering.

A hybrid circle is a way to accommodate those who live locally and those who live at a distance or cannot travel to the retreat.

Those attending online will participate fully in the retreat and have opportunities to contribute to the full circle and to smaller partnered conversations. Online and in-person participants will have the opportunity to interact. Retreat materials will be sent in advance to online participants and shared on screen during the retreat. We are happy to answer questions or make accommodations for both online and in-person participants to ensure a protected and trustworthy space. Contact us retreats@insideoutsideretreatcentre.com


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