• 20 Mar 2024
  • Dover, Delaware

Creating A Path to Benevolent Community

In a world that seems bent on dividing us we believe the greatest gift we can give is building a path that unites us. Join us for an engaging and timely Circle of Trust® Day Retreat - An experience that brings together humanity and community.

In a world that seems bent on dividing us – we believe the greatest gift we can give is creating a path that unites us.

Join us for an engaging and timely Circle of Trust® Day Retreat – An Invitation to immerse in 8 hours of community centered conversations, reflecting on how our shared humanity can be uncovered by asking 12 essential questions,  inspiring conversations that open us to each other and a path of new possibilities. Together we can creatively hold our greatest challenges and imagine ideas to solve our most pressing issues.

This is an experience that brings together humanity and community, the critical seeds needed to root, and necessary to heal the space between us. Parker J. Palmer wrote,  “We must all become gardeners of community if we want society to flourish.” (Five Habits of the Heart, Parker J. Palmer)

The one-day retreat will feature Benevolent Community Conversations led by trained facilitators, and an inspirational keynote address by Dr. Eddie S. Glaude, Jr., prominent scholar, currently the James S. McDonnell Distinguished University Professor of African American Studies at Princeton University, Researcher of the American Experience, and Best-Selling Author.

Retreat participants will receive a template and tools to build Benevolent Community Circles in their home communities, workplaces, houses of worship, schools, agencies, and organizations. They will be invited to join an on-line monthly zoom group so to continue the conversations and support those who begin Benevolent Community Circles of their own.

Using the Circle of Trust approach, principles and practices, our goal is to bring all people in our communities together, bring all our birthright gifts and experiences to thoughtful conversation to discuss creating a cultural shift. That is, one that bridges divides; thereby providing the healing space needed to support the discovery of new possibilities and solutions necessary to build lasting benevolent communities, those that illuminate our shared humanity. “We see such communities as a life-force for change and the balm needed to repair the brokenness that we have all witnessed in these challenging times.”

The Day Retreat’s goal is to respond to the growing divisiveness and hate by imagining a path to Benevolent Community. A path that brings about harmony and healing – one where positive local change can only happen when citizens from all segments of society listen to, know, care about, and trust each other.

Building trust-worthy relationships across communities is an influential and proven path to closing the tragic gap of divisiveness, dehumanization, and alienation, currently felt by so many across the Nation.  “Each of us is a steppingstone to discerning a route forward, building an environment for all people”  – We invite everyone to join us in investing the time to create a better path for our children, grandchildren and future generations.



9:00 a.m. Registration and Continental Breakfast
9:30 a.m. Welcome to Benevolent Community Retreat -Summit
Framing The Day
10:00 Proceed to Assigned Small Group Locations
10:15 Morning Retreat Session
12:15 Proceed to Ballroom for Catered Luncheon
12:30 Lunch Served in Grand Ballroom
1:30 Proceed to Afternoon Workshops – Same Grou50p/Room as Morning
1:45 Afternoon Retreat Session
4:00 Short Break –
4:15 Proceed to Grand Ballroom for our Honored Keynote Speaker –
Dr. Eddie Glaude, Jr, Distinguished Professor of African American Studies, Princeton
University, Author, Research Scholar in the American Experience

4:30 Keynote Address

5:30 Affirmations and Grace Note

5:45 Community Network Happy Hour

6:45 Depart


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