• 02 - 23 May 2023
  • online

How We Talk About Race

A series introducing the Tools and Concepts needed to hold healthy, healing, and transformative conversations about race that are key to building Benevolent Community.

We invite you to join us for a 4 part series of whole-hearted conversations to gain a deeper understanding of how having pro-social relationship building tools and concepts will support us in successfully engaging in racial dialogue, removing fear and anxiety, while building confidence, consciousness, and compassion.

Your facilitators for this workshop, Lori Yadin and Natasha Warsaw are  Center for Courage & Renewal facilitators, shaped by the work of Parker J. Palmer. Lori and Natasha created this well received series for the Episcopal Diocese of Delaware,  using the Courage & Renewal® approach, created by Parker and the Center.  The immersive experience of the Circle of Trust®, a heart centered retreat design that supports living with integrity, in alignment with our holistic selves, equally honoring truths, lived experiences, and inner wisdom.

Throughout the series we will use third things – poems, quotes, and music to help inspire us to deeper thought and dialogue with the following Guiding Goals and Outcomes in mind:

  1. To provide the concepts and tools for ongoing conversations about race in community.
  2. Build individual’s confidence to engage in conversations about race.
  3. Just as we engage in changing Narrative, we must Shift the Paradigm often associated with Racial Dialogue – from contentious to raising consciousness, from fear to love – to build a more compassionate community we need to be open to speaking honestly to each other and willing to listen to another’s experience. An important goal and outcome of this series is to help to shift our mind-sets that Talking about Race is difficult to one that believes talking about race is necessary to illuminate our shared humanity.
  4. Participants will begin to understand the components of a healthy, healing, and transformative conversation.
  5. To build an understanding that these conversations require a commitment to knowing more about another, creating safe enough space, relational trust, and holding another’s dignity as dearly as one’s own – and knowing all of this requires time and a sincere heart to engage with another beyond a beginning conversation. This workshop is in recognition that we must first crawl before we walk, and walk before we run.

We look forward to being with you for experiential, informative and inspiring conversations!

Zoom-Calls – Once Registered for the series you will receive an email with the Zoom Link.

To register for this series send an email to Lori: 4hoping@gmail.com and she will send you a welcome email, confirming your registration.


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