• 10 - 12 May 2024
  • Bangor, PA , USA

Reconnecting Soil and Soul: Exploring your Inner Self and the Outer World. a Circle of Trust Retreat

This retreat will offer deep reflection into our connections with the soil: from our origins, from the stories of our participation in dispossession, and our role in reconciliation with peoples and with the earth. We will be in circle and on the land, reflecting and acting, creating and contemplating.

“Re-Connecting Soil and Soul” brings participants to the sacred land that is Kirkridge, a justice oriented retreat center that dates from the early 1940’s.

This retreat will offer participants time to reflect on their heritage related to the stories of home soil, dispossession and belonging, and reconciliation and re-connecting with land and the peoples whose stories have been hidden in the land.

We will hold the question: “how does one participate intimately in a given landscape?”

Using the principles and practice of Circle of Trust®, (couragerenewal.org) we will explore the connections between our inner rhythms and movements for earth care or social justice that call us to action. Participants will have time for quiet self-reflection, sharing in community, and time upon the land.

There will be the opportunity for Clearness Committee. A space will be created that invites slowing down and quieting the inner and outer worlds. Behind the Clearness Committee is a simple but crucial conviction that each of us has an inner teacher that offers the guidance and power we need to face our problems. The function of the Clearness Committee is not to give advice or “fix” people from the outside in, but to help people remove the interference so that they can discover their own wisdom from the inside out.

Participants are welcome to arrive at Kirkridge any time after 2PM on Friday May 10th.

The retreat begins with gathering and introductions at 4PM on Friday evening.

Friday evening session, 6:45 to 8:30 pm

Saturday morning: 9:15 to 12

Saturday afternoon:  1:30 to 3:00PM, option land service (gardening, trail clearing, etc.)

Saturday afternoon Program:  3:15 to 5:15 PM

Saturday Evening:  7 to 9:00 pm

Sunday Program: 9:00 to 11:45

Departures:  Following lunch (bagged lunches available for those who need to travel)

Kirkridge Retreat and Study Center is located in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, on the ancestral Territory of The Lenape People, on the Kittatiny Ridge, at the edge of the Appalacian Trail.  Kirkridge has been welcoming people to to the mountain for retreat, reflection encouragement and renewal since the early 1940’s.

Accommodations are homely and simple, meals are delicious, nourishing and food locally sourced whenever possible.

Kirkridge is close to three airports:  JFK in NYC,  Allentown, PA,  and Newark, in New Jersey.  Travel support and information can be found on the Kirkridge website:  https://kirkridge.org/about/

Cost: Sliding Scale
$500 (helping to support others)
$375 (true cost of registration and room and board) $
$250 (Needing some financial support)


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