BIPOC Quarterly Clarity Triads

Register for “Cultivating Clarity, Courage, and Changeability in the Midst: Quarterly Clarity Triads for BIPOC”

This is a space of practice. We are committed to learning and growing together. Although I will be the ‘facilitator’ in the space, the hope is that we will co-create a community through shared practice and Clarity Triads. Different from a Clearness Committee, Clarity Triads consist of three people.  Each person has an allotted amount of time to explore their question(s) and wondering(s) with their own inner teacher. The other two people are the committee members. They ask open and honest questions, mirror, and appreciate the first focus person. Then, the next person goes, etc. In preparation for our spaces, I will send pre-readings and suggestions for ways to prepare yourself. 

These Gatherings came out of a need from BIPOC who have participated in Courage and Renewal spaces. Inner work is delicate and tender. At times, our inner teachers are more able to show up in spaces that are for specific groups of people, in this case BIPOC. We recognize that BIPOC are a multiverse and that no ‘group’ will encompass the many languages, stories, and cultures of our peoples. For those for whom this invitation resonates: all of who you are is welcome here

The suggested registration fee is $60 for one session or $50/each if you register for more than one. These are suggested amounts, but we are open to you paying whatever is within your capacity, and feels like a gift for you and for us.

You can register using the form below. We will need a minimum of 9 participants for each session to run. 

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