Ariel Thai Heide

Accounting Specialist

Ariel Thai Heide is an Accounting Specialist at Blumer & Associates. She keeps numbers moving quickly through all software products, maintaining the connections, and keeps everything reconciled and buttoned up for the final advisory review! Ariel started her career as a General Manager, fell in love with accounting and eventually went on to run the company for the owner (before he retired).

She’ll start her day with 4 to 6 cups of coffee, puts on the jams (too many great bands to choose from!), and gets head’s down in all of the client’s accounting records. With a sweet tooth it’s no wonder sweet tea and desserts are her go to indulgences. Her super power would be to fly if she could. She loves the fall and enjoys a good comedy or documentary.

Living in St. Hedwig, a suburb of San Antonio, TX, Ariel loves to spend time relaxing in her free time with her family, sons and friends – but she loves to stay busy, so she can’t sit down too long! She loves to volunteer for local food banks and poverty alleviation in San Antonio.