Sherri Whittington

Operations Manager
Speaks English

Sherri Whittington is our Operations Manager. She comes to CCR with a variety of operations and marketing experience in the tech and nonprofit sectors. Sherri is passionate about growing organizations for positive social impact through deep connection to community, clients and partners. She is a practitioner of the healing work that can be found when friends, neighbors and strangers gather in hospitable, welcoming spaces.

Favorite quote

“...Old men (and women!) ought to be explorers; Here and there does not matter. We must be still and still moving, Into another intensity, For another union, a deeper communion…”

T.S. Elliott, “East Coker”

Book Recommendation

Hospitality - the sacred art: Discovering the Hidden Spiritual Power of Invitation & Welcome

By Rev. Nanette Sawyer

What I Do For Fun, Rest, and Renewal

I am always up for the next: nutritious recipe to experiment with, outdoor adventure to share, nonfiction book to learn from and opportunity for personal retreat.