• 16 - 19 Nov 2023
  • King's Fold Retreat & Renewal Centre

A Life Lived with Purpose: A Retreat on the Ghost River

A four-day retreat, nestled in the Rockies on the banks of the Ghost River, is an opportunity to explore, rest, and reorient. It is ideal for those in a time of transition or seeking clarity for the next phase of life.

It is easy to lose our zest for life. We often have times when we find ourselves confused and tired of the day-to-day. We sense that something is missing: it might be clarity and a renewed sense of direction. We want more from our lives.

This four-day experience, nestled in the mountains on the banks of the Ghost River, is an opportunity to explore, rest, play and reorient. It is for anyone who:

-Wants a guided process for self-discovery;

-Is in the process of making a life decision and seeking inner wisdom;

-Enjoys integrated and soulful self-learning;

-Values the teaching of Parker J. Palmer and the Circle of Trust® lineage;

-Yearns for living with a whole heart and in greater alignment with their true self.

We will experience guided process using narrative, poetry, art, imagery, solitude, and community. We will also explore Clearness Committees, a disciplined two-hour discernment process: arising from the early Quakers. In this process a person who longs for clarity – transitional, vocational, relational, or spiritual – has an opportunity to be the “focus person” while a prepared “committee” of others listens, records and asks open questions.

There will be ample time for rest, hearty home cooking, reflection, journal writing and also for exploring the early winter energy of the river valley.

Guided by Dan Hines, who has guided retreats for thousands of participants, we will share in a proven and generous way of being together. In these wise spaces, some principles and practices create a trustworthy, brave space of attention, imagination, and confidential conversations. Dan was mentored by Parker J. Palmer and facilitates soulful encounters throughout the world (www.danhines.ca).

Located on the Ghost River on the edge of the Rockies, King’s Fold is a sacred place for rest, renewal and spiritual discovery in the context of Christian hospitality. Our guests come for personal retreat, group retreats and specific themed retreats. As a Christian ministry, we endeavor to live out the example of Jesus Christ. We practice hospitality without distinction by offering a place of freedom, peace, and welcome to all guests regardless of their beliefs or backgrounds. We acknowledge and respect diverse traditions, heritages, and experiences. We will provide the openhearted welcome of God to individuals regardless of their race, religion, culture, gender or sexual orientation.


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