• 27 Jan - 22 Jun 2024
  • online

Dancing with Paradox

Join us for a monthly three hour session through Zoom, an international community exploring how holding paradoxes firmly while dancing with possibility enables us to show up to ourselves and our lives with integrity.

We are part of a larger reality,
a vast and vibrant community
of meadow and mountain,
water and sky, a great rush of life
rich with possibility but also
bounded by necessity.
All things come and go.
Whether this be a formula for
weary resignation or
for tranquil acceptance of the inevitable,
the most we can hope for
is that all things come
and all thing go, over and over again.
~~John Mogabgab

You are invited to gather one Saturday a month from January through June of 2024 with others who are seeking to live authentically from the deepest core of life.

This Circle of Trust® retreat series is grounded in the Courage & Renewal® approach as described in Parker J. Palmer’s book, A Hidden Wholeness. This series is intended for anyone who wants to live and work more wholeheartedly.

Through slowing down and working in solitude and in community this retreat series experience promotes reflection, clarity and insight.

Since 1997 the Center for Courage & Renewal, through its international network of facilitators, has created a unique retreat-based approach to sustaining and renewing personal identity, professional integrity, and vocational vitality for people in all walks of life, particularly – but not limited to – those in the helping professions.

For further information on the retreat series approach see:

You are welcome to participate in this series whether you are new to Circle of Trust® or have
have previously participated in retreats and Courage events.

The series will be followed by a July-December series in the same timeframe and venue.

It’s paradoxical and it’s fantastically benevolent that we can feel deeply in contact with the world around us as, and really only as, we cultivate that deep contact within ourselves.”  ~ Judith Blackstone


Jan 27
Feb 17
March 23
April 20
May 11
June 22

Online through Zoom.  There will be time on camera and off camera during the three hour sessions.

To register please email:
for your response form and payment instructions.

Cancellation before the registration deadline will result in a 75% refund.  After your segment of the series begins, no refunds are available.


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