• 07 Mar - 30 May 2024
  • online

Practicing Courage in a Time of Polarization

A growing divide within our personal and professional lives is provoking a polarization that has far-reaching consequences. It not only is damaging relationships but also is leading to divisions that pose a threat to our democratic society. Join us in our five-session experience offering hope for a different future.

During our time together we will explore the “Habits of the Heart” framework from Parker J. Palmer’s book, “Healing the Heart of Democracy,” as well as the practices and principles of the Courage & RenewalⓇ approach (developed by the Center for Courage & Renewal). Practicing “Habits of the Heart” may quicken our instinct to seek the common good. In this online offering you will have the opportunity to experience deep listening, constructive dialogue and personal reflection.  

‘’Habits of the Heart are deeply ingrained ways of seeing, being and responding to life that involve our minds, our emotions, our self images, our concepts of meaning and purpose in life.  I believe that these five taken together are critical to sustaining a democracy.” -Parker J. Palmer


Habits of the Heart:

     * We’re All in This Together

     * An Appreciation of Otherness

     * A Capacity to Hold Tension Creatively

     * A Sense of Voice and Agency

     * A Capacity to Create Community

Your facilitators will guide you through a variety of activities and foster a sense of trust and community as you explore how embracing the “Habits of the Heart” can offer hope in this time of polarization in our personal and professional lives. 

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