• 03 Mar 2024
  • online


How do we live in reciprocity with the living world?

It’s the thread that draws us into relationship.

And the glue that holds community together.

It may be the medicine for healing the planet.


It affords mutual benefit.

It requires mutual responsibility.

In this 75 minute, online retreat we’ll contemplate

  • How do we receive and return the gifts life offers us?
  • What could it mean to live in reciprocity with the earth and each other?

We’ll follow the Courage & Renewal Approach® and take time for personal reflection and attentive listening to one another’s wisdom.

“To name the world as gift is to feel one’s membership in the web of reciprocity. It makes you happy—and it makes you accountable.

~ Robin Wall Kimmerer, The Serviceberry: An economy of abundance.

We will work with the online environment of Zoom in an intentional and gentle manner, allowing time for personal, private reflection and respectful community interaction. Please ket us know about any accommodations that would support your participation.


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