• 27 Jun 2024
  • online

Seasons of Leadership – Summer

Seasons of Leadership are quarterly online reflective sessions for leaders of business, family, education and community. These sessions are a chance to slow down and spend some time on self, in a Circle of Trust, to reflect on leadership and life and receive the respect of others' confidential listening, care and support.

The world spins and the seasons turn through yearly cycles of growth, abundance, harvest and rest.

As leaders, we are on our own seasonal journeys, continually growing as we navigate new challenges, support our teams, share successes, and hopefully reap the rewards of our seeding and nurturing. But we also need periods of rest and renewal.

As we move into the mid point of the year, here, in the Northern hemisphere, we welcome the fruition of seeding, rest and growth as nature blooms with abundance. I invite you to join with myself and others online, in a morning of reflection, sharing and support, during which we will use the metaphor of  ‘abundance in nature’ to help us explore our own leadership journeys.

In these facilitated Circle of Trust ® sessions, we share much-needed space and time so we can re-connect to our passions and purpose.  Using nature, music, art, poetry and more, we explore compassionate ways to lead and live.  It’s the human approach to leading, it’s leading with love.

Delegates will be contacted by email to confirm bookings and the zoom link for the online session.  A few days before the event, any materials we will be using will be emailed.  It will be useful to bring a notebook and pen to the session and to ensure you will be comfortable and not interrupted.  You may also like to be in a private space.

We will use music, poetry and prose to ponder, journal and share if we would like to.  This work is gentle, slow and enlightening and can be a breathing space in our often busy lives.

These sessions are a gift to all but if you feel moved to do so you can donate to my local hospice who cared for both my Dad and my Uncle during their last days. https://www.justgiving.com/page/wendy-bowers-1692963736922?newPage=true



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