• 04 - 06 Aug 2023
  • near Bangor, PA

“Soulfire” for Intergenerational Women

SOULFIRE - Calling women of all ages to join together in community. Bring your learnings, your longings, your grief, and your stories to a woman’s circle that will fan that sacred fire that Mother Earth continues to birth from within us.

What is this tumultuous season of change firing up in your soul?

This ‘SoulFire’ weekend retreat is especially for those wild souls who long to learn about your true essence and identity as a relational way of belonging to Earth community. This nature-based Circle of Trust® offers an opportunity to learn from each other and nature’s multifaceted beings, how to age into wisdom as keepers of sacred fire, for our own soul journeys and for the communities to which we are called. Together we will co-create a trustworthy circle in which we can listen beyond human conversation to the dream of Earth, learn from our Ancestors who still speak, and from our own personal and communal deep wisdom.

This program is intentionally intergenerational – for all persons who identify as women. We will consider the developmental soul tasks of both youth, mature adulthood, and aging, listening to the visionary, imaginative young one inside us as she learns from the inner-elder who longs to know her Earth place and offer her fiery gifts into the world.

This is a nature-based retreat, most of our sessions will be held outdoors, combining the Courage & Renewal® approach with the Wild Mind work of Animas Valley Institute. Our time will be in large group, small groups and much solitary wandering on the beautiful land of Kirkridge Retreat Center, Bangor, PA on the Kittatinny Ridge, and in the liminal space of Columcille Megalith Park.

Coming back to nature often means coming back to ourselves. The first thing you will notice at Kirkridge is the wide expanse of vista and open space of land to explore. Located on the Kittatinny Ridge of the Appalachian mountain range, our location offers the perfect place to walk, hike, or just sit and observe the sky.

From our scenic overlooks, birdwatchers can delight in the flight of red-tailed hawks, an occasional bald eagle, or even an owl. Photographers will love the autumn foliage, walking in the woods as spring breaks forth or the shadows of the winter sun. Hikers will enjoy the numerous trails around the mountain, many of which interconnect with the Appalachian trail.

For a meditative experience, all guests may walk the outdoor meditation labyrinth, enjoy a quiet walk around the Kirkridge tarn, or visit our neighboring megalith park known as Columcille.

Whether you’re here for a retreat,
a professional event, or a quiet weekend away,
you will find our spot on the mountain always welcomes you.


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