• 13 May 2023
  • Nashville, TN 37206

Take the Next Step…

Are you on the threshold of a transition, a decision, or sense that change is coming. Take a day away to explore what the next step in that process may be asking of you.

The questions our life is organized around will either enlarge or diminish it.”  – James Hollis

Without question, we are constantly experiencing transition.  At times, the energy inside the transitions can be daunting:, which way to turn, to what do I say Yes or No.  Though the next step may not be clear, or we feel uncertain about the choices we have, there is often a deeper knowing within that can guide us.

Take a day away to engage and explore the energy within the transition thresholds before you.  Through the wisdom and company of poetry, guiding questions, solitude and community, say Yes to the invitation to take the next step…

The retreat offers:

  • a reflective space in the context of a supportive community to engage questions of importance and deepen your understanding of the relationship between who you are and what you do.
  • opportunity to explore the connection between attending to the inner dimension of your life and the impact you have on the relationships and communities within which you live.
  • a shared exploration of the nexus between your inner passion, courage and sense of purpose that give meaning to your life and work in the world.

It was remarkable to start off the day in a room full of strangers, and end as kindred friends on a shared journey. Through the direction of inspired poems and thoughtful questions, we all quickly realized how much our different transitional crossroads contained the common invitation to reflect on our unrealized gifts, challenge our limited beliefs, and find new courage to push through our fears.

 The retreat offered me a time and space to be still and reflect.  Being with others who were sincere and seeking truth about themselves was encouraging.  I really enjoyed the wisdom and introspection that was shared collectively among the other members.  I would recommend this to friends and family and I plan on attending more in the future.


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