• 25 Jan - 15 Feb 2024
  • online

The Clearness Committee: Learning the Art of Open Questions

Learn the art of open questions. Discover how to find clarity in life decisions with others. Join us for deeper exploration of a proven discernment process.

Join Dan Hines for this online four week long deeper exploration of the practices that create the conditions for accessing inner wisdom. This virtual program is hosted by Naramata Centre.

One of the hallmark practices of the Circle of Trust® approach is the Clearness Committee: a two-hour discernment process that happens at guided Courage & Renewal programs. It is a disciplined and respectful process that helps us hear our own guidance while drawing on the presence and support of other people.

The Clearness Committee can help you:
-to learn the value of asking open, honest questions,
-to experience how to better access our own soulful awareness, and
-to see the benefits when we commit to the practice of presence and from freeing ourselves of the reactive habits of fixing, advising, saving or correcting one another

The process is both simple and demanding. Done well, it is a positive experience for everyone involved. Careful preparation of the focus person and committee members is essential.

This is a four week program of two hour sessions: from 6:00-8:00 pm Pacific. It is an immersive learning experience as we will experience two committees during these sessions. The sessions are primarily intended for leaders who would like to integrate this process into their coaching, mediation, spiritual direction, or mentoring vocations; yet, it is open to those who would like to explore the process for personal development and vocational exploration.


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