• 14 Jan 2023
  • Cedar Creek Clubhouse, Olathe, KS

The Heart of the Teacher: An Introductory Courage to Teach® Retreat

A retreat to reflect upon your calling as an educator, align your personal values with your professional practice, and revitalize your heart, mind and spirit.

Are you an educator who:

  • Is passionate about your work, but trying to sustain yourself in the midst of heavy demands?
  • Wants to continue a life-long interest in personal and professional growth?
  • Is committed to aligning your personal values with your professional practice?
  • Would like to rekindle a spark for your vocation?

In a time when stress and pressure on educators continues to rise because of internal and external demands, Courage to Teach® provides educators an opportunity for rest, renewal, and re-engagement with their identity and integrity.

Come join others like yourself who understand the challenges of sustaining the passion for teaching, and discover a unique kind of professional development-one that will provide opportunities to deepen your understanding of true self and also refill your energy and vigor as an educator.

This one day introductory Circle of Trust® retreat is based on the Courage & Renewal approach developed by Parker J. Palmer and the Center for Courage & Renewal.  This experiential gathering is open to all educators (pre-K-12 and higher education) who wish to pause and reflect upon their work and remain true to themselves in the midst of challenging times and situations.  At this retreat, you will be offered time and space to reflect on life and work, and to:

  • Pause, be still, and disconnect from technology and the pace of an educator’s life.
  • Witness and be witnessed, listen and be listened to-without performance evaluation, statusizing, or ego.
  • Renew your commitment to teaching/leading & increase satisfaction with your work.
  • Heighten your sense of personal and professional renewal, readiness to return to work, refreshed and energized.
  • Increase your capacity to be fully present in your work by providing a reprieve from the hectic bustle of teaching & leading
  • Develop your capacity to tune in to the individual needs and gifts of yourself, your students and your colleagues.
  • Expand your capacity to be resilient and purposeful in your work as an educator



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