• 21 Sep - 30 Nov 2023
  • Boulder, CO

Three Fall Circles of Trust in Boulder, CO

COME and JOIN our EVOLVING ‘PILGRIMAGE OF SOUL’ COMMUNITY. For all ages. For those who care about the individual and collective soul journey. You can attend one or all. For those who long to engage and soulfully evolve in local, Earth-based community.

1)  September 21: 5-9 pm “The Joys and Challenges of Belonging in Community” at SSV
with Carol Kortsch and Frederic Wiedemann
Sign-up here for this first fall circle – offered on a gift basis – as part of the world of soulful reciprocity.
Check out Frederic’s website https://ultimateadventure.life/ and you’ll see why we’re excited to get to know him as a neighbor in North Boulder.

2) October 19th 5-9 pm  “Growing the Elder Within”  with Carol Kortsch and Dan Dolquist

Dan Dolquist D.Min. is a dreamer with a passion – Carol Kortsch and  of surrendering to the Earth’s intelligence and serving the Dream of the Earth. He is active in rewilding humanity through leading a year long cohort for men entitled “Howl at the Moon,” and with deep structural work in community formation in Longmont, Colorado. Dan studied the wisdom traditions of Christianity with Dr Richard Rohr at the Center for Action and Contemplation, and his doctoral work is in leadership and cultivating imagination. He is the author of two books, including “Finding Your Wild” through Luminare Press.

3)  November 30th 5 – 9 pm – “Ancestral Gratitude” Carol Kortsch and Will Forsythe

What we offer in these circles is a dream of unique personal and communal ‘belonging’ to this physical land and human-time on Earth. Learning to live whole-heartedly as individuals within a culture that mostly hides behind its own shadow. We aspire to support each other in fully emerging as soulful beings-in-process, at every age and life-stage. To learn from and through “the Elder within”.

We each have the fiery birthright capacity to be elders-in-training to serve as channels of life energy on behalf of the greater village we live in.

We are in a constant process of connection and re-membering what has been lost from our ancestors and their traditions, weaving ‘here and now’ moments, creating a flow together, and trusting for more clarity how we are being called to offer that flow back into the world in this season of disintegration. Where our human systems are breaking down, we dream for new ways for sustainability as psycho-spiritual and embodied humanity – as living, loving, consciously-networking members of Mother Earth.

Thursdays, Sept 21, Oct 19, Nov 30, 2023
Optional Potluck dinner starting at 5. Circle 6 – 9 pm

These three Circles will be held at Silver Sage Village  in North Boulder 

You are also invited to consider a more extended commitment to join the 6-month 2024 Pilgrimage of Soul Cohort  in the Colorado Front Range. See more details here .



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