• 24 Jan - 22 May 2024
  • online

What My Soul Wants: an online purpose discovery process

In a small group we will seek our Soul’s guidance so we can offer the gifts we’re called to share at this critical moment in history.

We are living at one of the most important times in human history. Many spiritual traditions and teachers tell us that we have the power to help evolve human consciousness and usher in a new world — a world based in truth, peace, creativity, and love. A world that works for all people, everywhere. They also tell us what many of us know in our hearts and bones — that we chose to be here at this time and in the bodies we inhabit. Many of us are in bodies our societies tell us are wrong or unimportant. We are black or brown, we are women, and we may not be straight, Christian, or rich. And yet, we know that we are supposed to be here. We have something important to offer to the world. We have something that is unique to each of us that is needed at this time.

Our facilitator Veta Goler shares your knowing: “I have this same inner knowing about my life and my gifts. And one knowing is that I am called to hold space for others to help them discover their soul’s purpose so they can add their voice and their energy to the birthing of the new world.

I am answering this call by offering a soul discovery process I call What My Soul Wants. In a small group we will seek our Soul’s guidance so we can offer the gifts we’re called to share at this critical moment in history. To do this, we’ll draw on Courage & Renewal®, Purpose Guiding™, and New Thought teachings and practices and BIPOC cultural traditions to hear what our Soul wants us to know. If you’ve been curious about New Thought teachings and practices but would feel more welcome in more diverse spaces, this process is for you.”

In this online circle, you’ll be able to discover and/or affirm your purpose through readings, videos, individual and group practices, sharing, discussions, and creative explorations. We’ll meet each week from mid-January to May 2024. My goal is to help you discover more about who and what you are, the gifts you have to offer the world, and how you can go about offering them.

Through individual and group reflective practices, we’ll dare to imagine a new and better world — and ways to act boldly on our imaginations. Are you in?

Wednesdays, 7 – 8:30 pm ET


The Basic cost of the series is $400.00
If this would provide a hardship for you, the Discount fee is $300.00
If you can afford to help others, the Generous fee is $500.00

There is also a $50.00 earlybird discount for all fee levels for tickets purchased by January 3, 2024.
Early Bird Rates, if applicable $50 discount for all fee levels
Early Bird Deadline, if applicable 01-03-2024


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