Lori Yadin

Courage & Renewal Facilitator
Speaks English

Lori Schulman Yadin is a Retreat and Workshop Facilitator, Experiential Educator, Leadership and Relationship Coach, Benevolent Community Organizer, and published Writer. Her passion is creating safe, collaborative, pro-social and life affirming Benevolent Communities – those that uplift human spirit, individuality, creative thinking, problem solving, and advocacy. Lori’s Social-Profit: Create Safe Space, Inc., honors a mission to build, nurture, and support experiences and environments that illuminate our shared humanity, inspire healthy relationships, foster individual potential, and grow purpose driven, human centered communities whose goal is equality, belonging, and well-being – Envisioning a world where we hold each other’s dignity equal to our own. She believes that developing mindful practices, steeped in our values, is an instrumental process to embodying “habits of the heart” – these being key to supporting the whole of who we are, and necessary to cultivate a healthy relationship with self and others. Lori is an independent Facilitator for The Center for Courage & Renewal, trained by Parker J. Palmer and the Center’s leadership team.

She has a creative spirit, a life-long love for books, the natural world and her family. In her free time she visits with her children and grandchildren, digs in the garden, walks her dogs, or steals a few hours a day to read and write in her beloved library. Lori, a native to the Washington, DC area has an abiding love of water and now calls Savannah, Georgia home.

Specialty Areas:
Benevolent Community, Citizen Circles, Clergy & Faith, Interfaith & Spirituality, Coaching, Education, Elder Wisdom Sharing, Geography of Grace, Healing and Wellness, Human Awareness & Development, Inclusiveness, Leadership, Leading Together, Life Transitions, Mentorship, Mindfulness, Nonprofit, Parenting, Power of Story, Relational Trust, and Safe “enough” Space for Truth and Healing.

Favorite quote

"An awake heart is like a sky that pours light"


Book Recommendation

Viral Justice: How We Grow The World We Want

Ruha Benjamin