Lori Yadin

Courage & Renewal Facilitator
Speaks English

Lori Schulman Yadin is an Experiential Educator, Writer, Jewish Communal Leader, Mentor, Relationship Coach, and Retreat Facilitator. Her passion is creating safe, collaborative, pro-social and inclusive learning and working environments that honors human spirit, individuality, and community. Lori’s most recent initiative is launching a new Social-Profit: Create Safe Space, Inc. whose mission is to cultivate thriving environments that inspire healthy relationships, support individual potential, and grow communities of purpose and well-being – envisioning a world where we hold each other’s dignity as closely as we hold our own. Lori is a Facilitator for the Center for Courage & Renewal, trained by Parker J. Palmer and the Center’s leadership team. Lori has a creative spirit, love for the natural world and her family. In her free time she visits with her young adult sons, daughters, and grandson, digs in the garden, walks her dogs, or steals a few hours a day to read and write in her hundred year old corn crib. She has an abiding love of water and spends her year between the Delaware Shore and the Maine Coast.