• 08 - 10 Jul 2022

Finding the Still Point: Living and Leading from Your Centre

Reconnect to the source of who you are. Find the still point, the place of clear perception and discernment, the inner compass that guides us through what can sometimes feel like the maze of life.

“At the still point of the turning world. Neither flesh nor fleshless;
Neither from nor towards; at the still point, there the dance is”.
T.S Elliot

Reconnect to the source of who you are. Find the still point, the place of clear perception and discernment, the inner compass that guides us through what can sometimes feel like the maze of life. Yet in the busyness, noise and challenge of everyday life we can lose our felt sense of connection to this inner knowing.

As a human species we are at a turning point. We face multiple crises – progress is not assured. Will we just respond to the symptoms with temporary fixes? Or will we pause long enough to see the deeper patterns? Are we ready and willing to evolve how we live and lead, how we relate to one another and to the earth, our shared home?

Each of us has an indispensable part to play in this great turning, whoever and wherever we are. The work is too complex, too urgent and important to be done alone – we need each other – for solidarity, for collective wisdom, for support, for encouragement – which is why we invite you to gather in July.

We will be a diverse circle of people: drawn from different geographies and walks of life, united by a shared desire to lead and live more consistently from our centre, the still point that connects us to our integrity, wholeheartedness and common humanity.

We will weave together a tapestry of colourful threads as we explore these questions using poetry, silence, sharing of stories, being in nature, walking an 11 circuit hand-painted canvas labyrinth, creative activities and simple meditative practices. We will alternate time for individual reflection and journaling with opportunities for time in small groups and the larger circle to share and listen. Everything we do is by invitation, based on the understanding that you know best what you need.

On Saturday evening, you will experience a powerful discernment process, Clearness Committees, adapted from the Quaker tradition for Courage & Renewal programmes. A number of people will be invited to be a ‘Focus Person’. Each focus person will have the opportunity to explore in depth a dilemma, an important question they are facing or a personal challenge with four to six other participants, who will be members of their Clearness Committee. The members of the Clearness Committee will listen attentively and ask honest, open questions. The practices underpinning Clearness Committees date back to the 1660s and are unique, gentle and powerful, and above all trustworthy, enabling the focus person to access the still point, this place of inner wisdom.

Emerson College, Pixton Lane, Forest Row
East Sussex, RH18 5JX, United Kingdom

Emerson College, an education charity whose purpose is to develop, practice and teach sustainable ways of working and living through experiential teaching and inner-led change. The campus is set in 22 acres of beautiful botanic gardens.

The food is vegetarian made from seasonal, locally sourced, organic produce wherever possible. Much of the food is grown in Emerson’s own biodynamic garden and greenhouses. Emerson can also cater for vegan or gluten free diets.

Emerson College is well connected to transport hubs. Regular direct trains run between London Bridge and East Grinstead train station and the journey time is one hour. Taxis can be booked from East Grinstead station to Emerson College (15-minute journey). The closest major airport is London Gatwick airport, which is fourteen miles from Emerson College. Taxis can be booked (30-minute journey) from Gatwick airport or alternatively local buses also connect Gatwick Airport with Forest Row.

Photos courtesy of Emmerson College Trust Ltd

We have a standard fee and a reduced fee. We want to make our programmes accessible to a wide range of people; please choose the fee level that fits your economic circumstances. The fee covers the costs of skilled facilitators prepared by the Centre for Courage & Renewal and venue hire. Register on Eventbrite.

Standard Fee: £275 + 20% UK sales tax
Reduced Fee: £150 + 20% UK sales tax

This is a residential retreat with evening sessions on Friday and Saturday. There is an option of on-site accommodation in single rooms with shared showers and toilets at Emerson College. Alternatively, you may wish to stay in a local B&B or hotel in Forest Row. Accommodation and meals are booked and paid directly to Emerson College.

If you are staying on site the cost of accommodation in single rooms and all meals from Friday lunchtime to Sunday lunchtime is an additional £165.
There is also a meal-only option of £67 if you prefer to stay in a local B&B or hotel in Forest Row.

Once you have registered for the retreat on Eventbrite, we will send you a link where you choose your accommodation and meal options and book these with Emerson College.

Eventbrite registrations can be cancelled up to 30 days prior to the retreat, a full refund will be given, minus the non-refundable booking/processing fee taken by Eventbrite. No refund is possible within 30 days of the event. In the unlikely event that, due to unforeseen circumstances, the retreat must be cancelled by us, we will refund all retreat fees paid by participants. Our liability is limited to the Eventbrite retreat fee.

Please contact us: john.watters@livingleadership.org.uk or barbara.hummel53711@gmail.com.


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