• 21 - 29 Sep 2024
  • online

The Courage To Belong: Restoring Identity and Integrity for Self & System

This is a four-session immersive online event, where you are invited to experience how the values, principles, and practices of the Courage & Renewal® approach foster and develop belonging. Dr Saiyyidah says 'as you develop your relationship with your inner teacher you start to belong in your own skin more and when you understand what belonging is for you then you can help others to feel like they have a sense of belonging. I think that just makes the world feel better and is expansive for humanity.'

Join Dr Saiyyidah Zaidi, seasoned leadership advisor, adventurer, and expert in belonging, culture, and identity; and Brian Braganza, Courage & Renewal® Facilitator, leadership trainer, social change facilitator, and writer. In this 2-part retreat as we explore and experience ideas and concepts on how to expand, restore, and develop identity and integrity using the work of Parker J Palmer and the Center for Courage & Renewal®. 

This Circle of Trust® retreat offers an invitation to restore identity and integrity for:

Self — The work starts with you and your relationship with yourself so you have increased self-awareness of your own sense of belonging.


System — Understanding your place in the systems you are in—family, community, or society, and any other system you feel is important for your sense of belonging.

We are living in complex times where people are desperate to find a sense of home, belonging, settling in the unknown… there is so much tragedy, trauma, and tension all around us and it is hard to find hope, joy, and smiles that bring us back in connection. Many people live in a broad space with challenge, desire, clarity, and seek increased courage to be more of themselves. It is hard. There is much talk about belonging, culture, and identity and very little that will tangibly create these things for you in your daily lived experience.

Often your role is to support others and facilitate change and growth for them – who is doing this for you? 

In the Courage To Belong experience you will find a trustworthy space where you can discover and explore your inner teacher and guide who provides the place of welcome for more of you to show up. We all need spaces to lean in before we can lean out.

By utilizing the work of courage and renewal you will connect with yourself at a deeper level unlocking the welcome and hospitality that awaits within you.

Each day, your facilitators will lead educational, informative, and contemplative sessions inspired by contemporary and ancient wisdom, structured through Center for Courage & Renewal approach of Circle of Trust®, academic and practitioner research into reflective practice belonging, identity and culture, and other expert voices in self-examination.

Throughout the retreat, we will explore, individually and collectively, the thoughts, stories, habits, and conditioning that affect our sense of belonging and keep us living away from our deep desire and need for belonging. Our time together will help you cultivate tools, techniques, and practices that serve you in your desire of living a more authentic and integrated life.

The retreat sessions are interactive, fun, and insightful. You’ll work hard, be challenged, and leave feeling empowered to meet life skillfully, kindly and mindfully with an increased sense of belonging and a knowing of how to create space for others to do the same.

Landing Right — Before The Event

Weekend 1 — 20/21 September 2024

Day 1 — Arriving — Observing what is

Day 2 — Belonging — Accepting what is

Weekend 2 — 28/29 September 2024

Day 3 — Belonging — Honoring what is

Day 4 — Leaving — Living what is

Leaving Well — After the event

For more detail please go to the event registration page where you will find information on each session that will take place on the 4 days

This is an online retreat taking place on Zoom.

“This retreat has deep compassion and opportunity for self insight and understanding. It was carefully planned and flexible.” —Academic leader & lecturer

You have beautiful pacing and a gentle tone and expression. I never felt rushed. A lovely way of moving from one thing to the next.” — Leadership Facilitator

“You have a wonderful sense of humor Saiyyidah. Your eyes twinkle as you lead. You offer us your own experiences and insights about your attempts to understand your own inner life in an amazing and charming self-deprecating way. You are undeniably who you are and you model for us a gentle and humorous way of loving yourself.” — Retired Religious Leader

“Ahhhh. I really do breathe a little lighter. Really good session. I want more!” — C-Suite Leader FTSE 150 Company

For FAQ please see the retreat registration page here: https://www.saiyyidah.com/couragetobelong


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