Focus Area


Practicing Courage in a Time of Polarization

  • 07 Mar - 30 May 2024
  • online

A World of Shadow and Light: “I Heard an Owl” / Closing Reflections

From Effectiveness to Faithfulness

Standing and Acting in the “Tragic Gap”

Punishment and Reward Transformed: “Stones in the River”

Never Doubt the Power of Love: “One Woman and a Shovel”

Personal and National Mythologies

Getting the News from Within

Rebuilding Democracy’s Infrastructure: Congregations

Rebuilding Democracy’s Infrastructure: Classrooms

Our Quest for Meaning and Purpose

An Appreciative Eye for Humanity: “Betty’s Diner”

Embracing Diversity

The Choreography of Democracy

Cultural Inventions to Hold Tension Creatively

A Government That Functions Like a Loom

A “Heart Disease” That Weakens Democracy: The Empty Self

A “Heart Disease” That Weakens Democracy: Consumerism

“My Farmer’s Heart”

Our Overconfidence in Rationality

Speaking Our Truth: “I Believe”

The Role of Religion

The Fifth Habit of the Heart: A Capacity to Create Community

The Fourth Habit of the Heart: A Sense of Voice and Agency

The Third Habit of the Heart: A Capacity to Hold Tension Creatively

The Second Habit of the Heart: An Appreciation of Otherness

The First Habit of the Heart: We’re All in This Together

The Prophetic Alexis de Tocqueville

Citizenship Lite Is Not Enough

The Suffering in America

Creative Tension-Holding

A Certain Relish for Confusion

Democracy: The Endless Experiment

Sharing Our Stories

Lincoln’s Melancholy

The Politics of the Brokenhearted

The Epigraph

The Dedication

Hope is Fueled by Human Connection

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