• 27 - 29 Oct 2023
  • online

Claiming Your Life as It Is: A Soul of Aging Retreat

A Circle of Trust retreat that invites participants to reclaim wholeness of self and clarity of vocation as we reflect on the tremendous potential of our aging.

An opportunity for reflection, renewal & gracious harvesting

This Circle of Trust® retreat is rooted in The Soul of Aging, a small-group program based on the work of Dr. Parker Palmer and The Center for Courage & Renewal.  Claiming Our Life As It Is invites anyone, regardless of age, who yearns to show up more fully to their life; to openly explore the challenges and gifts of the aging process; to surrender to, and be transformed by the aging process. We will create and hold a safe space in which we may seek a deeper understanding of how to age well, with dignity and integrity.

Session topics for this retreat: 

The Retreat process invites participants to reclaim wholeness of self and clarity of vocation as we reflect on the tremendous potential of our aging.

  • Calling in the Ancestors: Visions of Aging
  • The Courage to Name and Claim Your Unlived Life
  • Pathways to Wholeness-Claiming our Significance
  • Aging as Enlightenment in Slow Motion

This online Circle of Trust retreat offers: 

  • a space to renew the heart, mind, and spirit through the exploration of the inner landscape of one’s life
  • time to reconnect to one’s identity and integrity; identifying and honoring gifts & strengths, and acknowledging our limits.
  • a process to strengthen one’s self-awareness, with the help of others
  • a space to deepen our conversation with ourselves, through tangible practices and specific guidelines
  • a group in which powerful inquiry about the spiritual life can happen in a safe and confidential context
  • an opportunity to practice deep listening and respectful speaking which can ultimately infiltrate and strengthen one’s life beyond the group
  • a counter-culture approach to the problem solving, analytical, fast-paced world we often find ourselves in.  


All times Central Time (USA)

Friday, 4-6pm;
Saturday, 10-1pm; 4:00-6pm;
Sunday, 10-1pm

The retreat begins Friday afternoon with “check-in” available at 3:45 p.m. and the initial gathering at 4:00 p.m.

On line, via Zoom.  Although virtual, it’s important that you prepare for being “in retreat”.

Create a sacred space where you are able to be as present as possible.

Dress comfortably.

Have a journal close by to hold your reflections from our time together.  

  • Refunds for cancellations (less a $25 administrative fee) will be made up to October 23.  No refunds can be made after that time.


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